Granite, a common type of igneous rock, is massive, unique, hard, durable, scratch-resistant, impervious to stains, heat, and water when sealed, relatively easy to clean, comes in all colors.From Pyramids of Egypt, Sculpture of Rome to the great temples of Tanjore, South India, world’s first temple entirely made of granite, it is widely used in construction and monuments due to its strong anti weathering capabilities.

People love to use majestic collection of natural stones that are inspired by nature. Lomrod offers luxurious and beautiful collection hand-picked Granite and various other natural stone. You can take yourself close to nature by using wide range of granite tiles, slabs, stones in your home decor and construction. Granite does not lose its aesthetical beauty and it remains beautiful and natural looking forever. Lomrod has gained expertise in exporting premium quality natural stone. It is the best granite flooring manufacturer which offer best quality products to the people.

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